Our production sites

Felinfach, UK

In 1989 Volac acquired our milk processing site at Felinfach, West Wales. Since then more than £1 million a year has been invested in the factory, including installation of the latest ultra-filtration and micro-filtration equipment...MORE

Liverpool, UK

Our Liverpool site is situated on South Canada dock, adjacent to one of Liverpool’s major bulk liquid handling berths. Palm fatty acids are pumped directly off ship into a bulk tank storage facility for supply direct to our factory as...MORE

Pasir Gudant ImagePasir Gudang, Malaysia

This production site is situated at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsular and was established in 2003  as a joint venture between the PGEO Group and Volac. The factory is run under the company name...MORE

Port Talbot, UK

Our factory in Port Talbot, South Wales was established in the 1990s to develop natural alternatives to chemical and antibiotic substances used to improve animal productivity. We are the UK’s leading specialist in the selection...MORE

Netherlands ImageHoogeveen, The Netherlands

This innovative production site is situated in the north of The Netherlands. The facility is run under the name of DV Nutrition (DOC Volac Nutrition) and was formed in January 2003 through a joint venture between Dutch...MORE

Sleaford, UKSleaford

Based at Sleaford in the UK, Parnutt Foods is Volac’s specialist young animal nutrition business where specialist products for the piglet, equine and pet market are manufactured and distributed...MORE