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lamb rearing

The Healthy Lambing Guide is a comprehensive booklet designed to help sheep farmers reduce losses and improve overall flock output.

The two part pack features Lambing Advice, a 14 page booklet offering comprehensive flock management and nutrition information from the final third of ewe pregnancy through to lamb weaning. Pages are also dedicated to housing and care of the new born lamb including essential colostrum management, together with details on the various surplus lamb rearing systems.

The pack’s second part, Lambing Products summarises Volac’s portfolio including Volostrum colostrum alternative, Lamlac milk replacer, AS Gold electrolyte, the Ewe 2 warm milk feeder and the automatic feeder.

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volac lambing advice
  • Contents
  • Minimising lamb losses
  • Care of new arrivals
  • Colostrum management
  • Rearing systems - including suggested feeding rates
  • Weaning


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