Dairy products

Volac has been a leader in dairy cow nutrition for over 30 years. We manufacture a wide range of ingredients to meet the needs of the modern dairy cow and achieve healthy performance.

The range includes bypass energy and protein sources such as Megalac, the world's best selling protected fat, and fermentable energy sources, such as Lactofeed 70.


Megalac is a rumen-protected fat, combining natural plant oil (palm fatty acids) with calcium. The main benefits are improved milk yield, body condition and fertility.
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Megafat is a rumen protected C16:0 fatty acid product in calcium salt form, manufactured using the world proven Megalac processing technology. The main benefit is increased milk fat concentration.
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Megalac Plus

Megalac Plus combines Megalac and rumen protected methionine. The main benefits are increased milk yield and milk protein combined with improved fertility.
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Lactofeed 70

Lactofeed 70 delivers 70% lactose in an easy to handle, powder form. The main benefits are improved rumen function and dry matter intake.
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