Volac Fat Calculator

Volac Fat Calculator

Volac's Fat Calculator is designed to assist farmers and their advisors when considering the most appropriate level and type of fat to include in a dairy cow's ration.

The calculator allows you to determine whether the amount of fat in a ration meets the requirements of the cows in the herd, or if the level of fat in the diet may be limiting the cows' ability to reach a target level of production.

Cows in early lactation lose considerable quantities of body fat, leading to a reduction in body condition score and reduced cow health and fertility. Fat is often included in a ration to increase energy density and minimise condition loss. Details on condition scoring, including a video which demonstrates how to condition score cows, are also included.

A summary of Volac's protected fat products is also included with details on Megalac, Megalac Plus, Megafat, and Megapro supplements..


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volac fat calculator
  • Contents
  • Why feed fat?
  • How much fat should I feed?
  • Fat calculator
  • How much fat is in my ration?
  • What type of fat to feed?
  • Condition scoring including video
  • Volac Protected Fat Range