When do I condition score?

Cows need scoring at 5 distinct stages of the production cycle:

  • Late lactation (250 days in milk)
  • Dry-off
  • Calving
  • Post-calving examination (21 days)
  • Mid lactation

Late lactation is the most crucial since condition at this time has a knock-on effect on the whole of the subsequent production period. A cow within the optimum condition score range in this period will be much more likely to:

  • Have fewer calving problems
  • Have a better appetite after calving
  • Have a lower incidence of retained cleansings
  • Demonstrate a more controlled and gradual use of body reserves in early lactation than fatter cows
  • Attain her potential peak yield
  • Produce high quality milk (butterfat and protein %)
  • Milk to her full genetic potential over the whole lactation period
  • Show a lower level of sub/clinical ketosis and fatty liver syndrome
  • Get back in calf according to plan


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