Why condition score?

Over the years geneticists have greatly improved the milking capabilities of the dairy cow. Today, a herd average of 7000 litres is normal and yields in excess of this are quite common. Nutritionists have kept up with these developments by producing ration formulations that meet the demands of these high yielders.

Despite these advances, it remains a fact that producers still face problems in controlling cow body condition score. Margins are dramatically affected by cows that are unable to milk to their full genetic potential, or get in calf efficiently, both of which are directly affected by incorrect body condition control.  

Cow Grazing

Body condition scoring should be used by every modern dairy manager to help prevent these issues from occurring. Condition scoring monitors changes in the level of bodyfat carried by the cow and allows us to take corrective action before health and performance is adversely affected. It is a hands-on assessment of the cow to determine the fat over the short ribs, thurl and tail head area. In the UK, we employ a "5 point" condition scoring system, with, for example, extremely thin cows scoring "1.0" and fat cows scoring "4". The system allows cows to be assessed using the same objective standards.

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Why condition score?
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